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[Synopsis and testimonial of Dustin Vice’s Life Between Lives - Saturday, October 03, 2015]

Hello Everyone! :)

It's taken days of processing and conversation to even get to the point where I could write this email.

When I came out of my session Chanda [Nancy Berlatsky], my facilitator, had to jar me back and it took several minutes for me to respond. Though I was talking throughout the session it took that long to come back into my body and when I did I still wasn't really fully back for several hours.

When I left her house as I was driving home I realized that people were passing me. For those of you that have ridden in a car with me as the driver know, that's kinda odd. I looked down and realized I was going under 25MPH.

When I was in my session I went so deep that I couldn't even feel my body. It was there, I was aware of it, but it was as if it was numb and paralyzed. Not in an uncomfortable way or anything scary. Just as detached as you could be while still being conscious. The sensation was much like feeling I was on the ceiling being gravitationally pulled up and looking down. When in reality I was laid out on a bed on my back. It was very interesting. Most of the time I wasn't even aware of my body but when I was that was the experience.

Just wanting to give you an understanding of how deep in trance I was. It was very powerful. It was much like being in a dream state of sleep and yet conscious enough to be asked questions and to give feedback.

Explaining the non-physical in physical terms is difficult. Everything I described was in metaphor as in describing the essence of the experience and yet it being so very different from the physical worldly terms.

The process works like this. You spend a significant amount of time going into deep trance. A little bit less than an hour. I started out a bit cold with a blanket over me. A strong feeling in my chest. It was so strong I had to put my hands on my chest.

After going into deep trance you then regress down in age. Stopping at certain ages to remember good feeling memories. It was very amazing to me how when asked at certain ages to account for certain things how accurate I was in my descriptions without having to logically think and account for time. I was able to recall easily and automatically.

Once regressed down to a young age I then entered into my mother's womb. Describing my experience and this is when I first encountered a clearer understanding of my soul energy separate from my current body. Also how I interacted with my mother before birth. How I often brought her calm in her fear and anxiety. How I replaced it with excitement and eagerness and a knowing of everything being ok. I also discovered that I saved her life. And that if I hadn't come into her life when I did there is a high probability that she would have given up and committed suicide or indulged in alcohol and drugs on such a level that she would have died as a result. It's not that I personally saved her life, rather, that I interrupted her trajectory in a way that allowed for her to decide to change. I was a catalyst, not a direct intervention.

After experiencing the mother's womb we then ventured into my most recent past life. When I entered this body it felt a bit projected because I had experienced this past life in a past life regression before. I was a small, very dark brown, very pregnant, Thai woman in 1856 living in the south of Thailand and married to a farmer. I was pregnant with my son, very hot, very uncomfortable, and basically just resting and waiting for his birth. This was a simple, leisurely life, with not much complexity, and a great deal of community. At this point in the session I was no longer cold and no longer had the strong feeling in my chest.

We quickly moved to the death scene where I was much older. I was at home, in bed, and very weak of old age. My son and a few others were at my bed side. My son had left me at a very young age to move to Bangkok for work, and because he was gay and wanted to have a life that the village could not offer him. He and I are primary soul mates and this left me in great suffering, of my own choosing, and loss at his leaving. He always knew that.

When I died I floated above my body and watched as my son writhed in pain, sorrow, and a lot of guilt for leaving me. I tried to comfort him but he could not feel me with him in that moment because he was hurting so much. Later that night as he was drifting in and out of sleep, his guilt greatly subsided, and I was able to catch his attention. He felt me and knew I was there with him. I laid by him with one hand on his heart and the other underneath the back of his head and filled him with love and understanding that I had been the one that chose to suffer in him leaving and that he had done what he was meant to do. I learned that I need not torture myself and distract myself with such trivial things and to let things go when that's what the Universe presents as what is.

Once my son was soothed and had felt my presence so clearly I was then done and ready to leave the physical realm. I quickly moved off into the spirit realm where I was met by an androgynous entity. As it approached it had a dark aura (signifying advanced soul) with gold rings of sparkling stars.

Again physical world metaphors are but a mere representation. Take what I explain about the spirit realm from this point forward and magnify it times a thousand and put it multiple dimensions and explode it beyond the corners of your mind and you may have a real hint of what I'm describing.

This entity was not my spirit guide, rather, a healing entity. It engulfed me in the most comfortable way you can imagine and "cleaned" me. It was like being vacuumed, or dry cleaned, or something of the effect. I felt fresher, revitalized, and more crisp and clean than before.

After that I floated off into the distance to meet my mom of this current life and my spirit guide. My mom was recognizable from her big face cheeks and goofy demeanor. She is in my soul group. She has a very playful and funny demeanor. I was told to take nothing seriously with her ever again. That my job in this life with her is to be goofy and play. She's far too serious in her current body and I'm to encourage her goofy playful side. When I do that she will thrive on a much better level. For years I was embarrassed by her goofy demeanor. She was always the life of the party. Now I understand rather than being embarrassed by it I need to encourage it, play along, play off of it and with it as much as possible. It's good for her, for me, and our relationship.

Then I met with my spirit guide. His energy was very very big, strong, and domineering. I use the masculine pronoun here because that is how he appeared to me. His name is Melvin. Melvin's presence was so accepting, loving, and eager to work with me. It felt like comrades. It was very interesting. We had a long discussion and I asked many questions.

He helped me to understand that my childhood with my stepfather, who entered my life around 3, was the way it was because I needed to experience and become that person in order to heal through it. And in healing through it it allows me to understand how to work with others that suffer with it as well. It made me someone that isn't in alignment with my true soul nature and that by being exposed to being that person I would know what it is like to be it, heal through it, and to help others through it as well.

I also discovered that my partner is indeed my primary soul mate, and my son in my most recent past life. And that even though our relationship isn't what I had expected to manifest for myself it is many, many times more valuable to me in the sense of partnership, personal growth, and true love than what I had been focusing on. That in being with my partner I have the opportunity to really work on my soul's purpose in this life.

My purpose in this life is precision. My soul's energy is very powerful and able to come in a shake up energy in a very strong and fast moving way. That I have mastered that to a great extent. My lesson is about being able to do it powerfully or gently, or somewhere in between with great precision. The metaphor my guide showed me was a jeweler. A jeweler must be very precise with how they cut a stone, grind it, and then polish it. It takes very powerful focus, precision, and skill.

I am not yet like the jeweler. Though I have a mature soul, with significant power, I'm at the stage of refinement. Taking all that I have learned over the many lives I have been through and now perfecting it with precision. They showed me taking a walk every day and walking very, very slowly on purpose to calibrate me. To be conscious in each step. Listening to the sound of each nuance of each foot touching the ground. Being very detailed in my step. Very aware. And in doing this it will teach my mind and my soul to slow down with incredible focus. And in this focus I'll be able to direct my energy with very conscious direction with the intensity that is perfectly appropriate for whatever I'm doing in the moment.

In my discussion about my relationship with my partner I also asked what I could do to be of help to him. Melvin showed me this energy that I and several others on the planet carry with us. I'm going to describe it and again take what I'm saying as a mere physical world description for something much more magnificent. He showed me what I would compare to a tubular florescent light. The ones in drop ceilings. Only turn it up vertical and fill it with bright neon green light and make it the size of a small pillar. When I activate this energy I fill the environment I'm in with a powerful healing force. I don't have to use words or intervene. He showed me that just by being in that energy I can transform and influence the environment and those in it.

He then took me to a real life experience from the past when this had happened without me knowing. It was earlier this year. I had read David Deida's book "The Way of the Superior Man" and was learning about masculine and feminine energy. I was working with this energy and concept and one day I found myself at Walgreens. The line was particularly long so I went over to photo. There was a man in line in front of me. I could tell that the cashier was in her feminine fury. There's a reason why hurricanes were named after women for so long. Because the stormy energy comes from our feminine side. I decided in that moment that I would shift into what I believed to be my "masculine". Deida describes this as being the grounding force for the feminine. Like the feminine energy is like the river and the masculine is like the river banks. That in order to weather the feminine storm the masculine merely has to hold strong like the river banks.

To be clear the masculine and the feminine are not gender related terms. They are reflected as gender but as we all know a man can be very feminine and a woman can be very masculine. And we all have both energies working through us regardless of what we carry physically in our pants ;)

With no words, no intervention, and by merely turning on this bright neon green pillar of light within seconds of her and I interacting her energy completely shifted. She became fun and playful. Calm and feeling good. Just by me stepping into what I believed to be my masculine energy. Which is true and what Melvin taught me was that it is a special gift I carry and I now know that it is there and how to use. Now I just have to be precise and conscious in using it. That's where the practice comes in. I'll keep you posted lol The other day I did it and with no words at all my partner went from being "off" to laughing as well. Now I just need to do this more of the time and remember to do it.

It was a very emotional moment of awareness. And great clarity came from the experience. After Melvin and my long discussion we moved on to the library in the spiritual realm. What was awesome was that as we approached the library I quickly realized that I had been here many times before, I just wasn't aware of it before. To me this was a special place I went to in meditation to do things and learn. Come to find out it is the library and home to the Akashic records. It makes sense now in retrospect but how cool is it to find out you've been going somewhere you thought was a place that you believed only certain gifted people were able to access.

That was a big a-ha from this session. Was the dissolving of doubt. I no longer question my relationship with the non-physical in any way whatsoever. That was part of my conversation with Melvin. He told me that I listen well and often take action on what he guides me to do. But in the past I had listened, taken action, and still felt a slight questioning if what I was doing the right thing or not. Just like my many visits to the library in the past. I knew this was a special place but chalked it up to my "imaginary place" that I had made up in my mind. It is crystal clear now that I have been here many times and played in the library and my return to it with Melvin is what made that blazingly obvious to me.

In the library Melvin said that in order for me to learn this process of refinement that I needed to experience it. He had me "sit down" (again physical realm terminology) and he began an energetic exercise of refining my energy. At that moment I felt a very strong energetic beam come in through the top right side of my head and begin filling my body both in the spiritual realm and in very real physical sensations. It was a amazing feeling. After Melvin was done he "said" to me that in order for me to really learn it I need to do it. So he had me do the same energetic process on him. So we changed places and I began the work on him.

Earlier in interaction with Melvin he had shown me my soul colors and what it looked like. It was cool but still felt as "out there" as a reflection. When I did this refinement energy work on him I fully filled my soul energy and felt it as me, fully associated into my existence. It was a very emotional moment in a very good way. I felt myself as my true soul self completely and totally for the first time in this life experience. And I can feel it now in this physical body fully consciously aware of it. This alone was worth the time, money, and having the experience. Though there was and is so much more that has and will come from it as you know merely from what you've read thus far.

Later we drifted off deeper into the library to a place I had never been before. I think in my limited thinking that this was an imaginary place I hadn't given myself the ability to be pulled into other parts of it. Though thinking back on it now I remember there being more to it. I just stayed in that area. Melvin took me to a bay window and it looked out into the amazingly beautiful world. Not only was it visually beautiful the energy of it felt so good. It felt harmonious, calm, loving, natural, accepting, whole, and bountiful. So many words to describe it and what I want you to think of is a utopia or perfect world. Where we all live good lives and it is pure and loving.

He "said" to me (I keep using quotes because it isn't words, it is telepathic conversation) "This is the world you live in" and I thought that's nice. And it felt really good. It looked nothing like our world. And it felt like the world I live in delusionally (yes I know it's not a word ;) lol. Our world isn't a utopia and has a lot of negative ugly shit happening in it all the time. I'm one to avoid information like that and live in a better world. So it made sense to me. As if he was saying that I can live in this world even though it looks and feels nothing like that. Cool I thought.

Come to find out I am what they call a hybrid soul. An alien if you will lol. I know what you're thinking,... "Duh!" In all honesty I've always felt a bit like an outsider here on Earth. Like I just didn't quite fit. Years ago I would have described it as if I didn't belong. Now a days since I've done so much healing work I do feel as if I belong and would describe it as "different", in a good way. When I was being taught about my hybrid life Melvin explained to me that the world he showed me in the library was the actual world that I am from. That I come from a place of great wealth, harmony, strength, intelligence, peace, and order. That it is a fun, creative, and very old advanced civilization.

I went back to my first life on Earth. I was an African boy and I entered into a time of great war. The overwhelming feeling I had as this boy was confusion. Very great confusion. As if nothing of this reality made any sense to me whatsoever. Even my Mother coming to grab me to run and hide was confusing. Nothing made any sense. It was so interesting to be this boy having come from this other civilization and for things to be so incredibly different.

The reason why I have had to experience such intense personal issues from the early part of this current life, and from past lives, was so that I could be that person and create and create an understanding of it. So it wasn't so confusing and foreign. And to know how to work with it. It's like you don't know what it feels like to be wet until you jump in the water. Or how good it feels to dry off and be warm in the sun until you do it.

There's much more about this experience but this is what I feel most compelled to share for now. The number one thing, the gift, I got from all of this is clarity. To me clarity is one of the most powerful and wonderful emotions. My mind is empty of doubt and I feel more certainty about who I am, what I'm doing here, and that I am with the love and loves of my life. That I'm doing what's right, I'm connected to something greater than this world of illusion. And that I can know with certainty. I also have in my mind direct links to the spiritual realm and I can go there any time I desire, and have been for some time, to gain what I need. Also to slow the [bleep] down and do it on purpose. Master that and then utilize it with focus and precision.

I highly recommend that you have your own Life Between Lives Session. It will create powerful and profound healing. It has only been a few days for me and the effects have been transformative. I'm excited about what the next 30 days and the rest of my life will have from this experience.

If you're in Sedona I recommend reaching out to Chanda (No this is not a paid promotion lol). Her website is: www.soultherapies.com

Or you can find a practitioner in your area on the LBL Website: http://newtoninstitute.org/locate-a-therapist/

Also if you want to learn more I would highly recommend the book "Destiny of Souls" by Dr. Newton. This book powerfully changed my life. Even though it wasn't until years later I had my own session. It's available as an audio book, paperback, and on Kindle

Also "Memories of the Afterlife", a compilation book by many LBL practitioners and edited by Dr. Newton. It's available as an audio book, paperback, and on Kindle


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